Mail client offering intelligent/automated archiving of mails?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by FredBogusTrumper, Jun 9, 2017.

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    Searching for quite a while I'm hoping for some help here. I'm pretty sure that the functionality I'm looking for isn't very exotic but quite useful and obvious. Let me try to describe what I'm looking for:
    • In my IMAP-account (iCloud in my case) I create several folders to sort and organize read mails in a senseful manner.
    • The mail client on my Mac should check these IMAP-folders regularly (e.g. during start up or whenever checking for new mails) and automatically move mails that are read, already sorted to a certain folder and older than, let's say 90 days to a local folder with a corresponding name (like "school" on the IMAP server and "school -archive" on the local HDD) stored on my Mac's HDD. The outcome of this functionality would be to have the very same folder structure on the IMAP server as well as on the local HDD – with all mails from the last 3 months on the IMAP server (accessible with all devices, like iPhone, iPad, etc.) and all older mails in the local archive on my Mac.
    Now almost any mail client, including Apple Mail, lets you define rules to automatically tag, mark, move, etc. mails. And I'm pretty sure you'd be able to build the described functionality quite easily by setting up all the folder by hand and defining a dedicated rule for every pair of folders. BUT until today I wasn't able to find a single mail client allowing you to assign rules to a certain folder other than the inbox. In most cases automated rules are restricted to "fresh" incoming mails and can be applied to other folders only manually.

    Does anyone have an idea how to set up such an automated archival functionality? And, if yes, with what mail client? Any help is highly appreciated!

    P.S. Please excuse any typos and or errors from a German guy ;-)
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