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    Hey guys, this has been discussed but never answered.

    Mail automatically saves mail-to-dos on your server. If you use IMAP, it goes in and creates a folder on the server itself so you can view them from any computer.

    but only one issue, mail is apparently retarted.

    Everytime I open mail, it creates a new folder called "inbox" and puts the mailtodo in there... so I have my inbox, then it creates a subfolder called inbox, and puts the folder in there... next time I open, it puts a sub folder called "inbox" in the subfolder named inbox, in my inbox folder.

    It looks just like this guys issue (notice the inboxs are folders within each other, with in the inbox, not seperate mail accounts.)


    My issue is very severe, I have about 45 subfolders and cannot figure out how to get mail to react appropriately.

    Deleteing the mailbox does not work, next time you open mail, they all show back up (same number) +1 more folder.

    My biggest issue is that these all show up on everything, causing my iphone to have an issue with 45 sub folders in the main folder.

    any help?

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    Here is how I solve this bug - because this is a bug and I believe the bug is in apple mail when dealing with imap emails.

    First you need to get a fully synched mailbox. In apple mail do cmd-0 to see that there is no activity. Otherwise wait.

    Second, quit apple mail and open the mail preference files.

    Third, with a lot of patience, dig thru the file and correct any incorrect entries (typically they look like inbox\inbox\inbox..)

    Fourth, use the http webmail client to connect to your imap email on the internet.

    Fifth, delete the unwanted folders manually.

    Sixth, start apple mail and wait, I mean wait, do cmd-0 to see apple mail start to re-scan all folders. That is a good sign.

    Seven, wait a bit more

    This should do the trick.

    Obviously, you should first ensure that the folders you will be deleting do not contain any email you wish to keep. If that tis the case, move them to a safe folder first.

    Hope this helps.
  3. aicul macrumors 6502a

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    forgot to mention, the above steps "cleanup" the sub-sub-sub folder issue, but do not prevent it from happening again...
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