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    I have repeatedly sent photos using Mail Drop and I can not download the original high resolution photos on the Mac running OSX El Capitan. There is no mention even of Icloud or that the attachments will expire like there is when receiving the Mail Drop attachments on Ipad.

    It doesn't matter if I send from the Mac or from my Ipad. The email arrives with the very low resolution images embedded in the email with no link or option to download the original photos on the Mac. It works when receiving the same email on Ipad.

    It makes MailDrop completely useless for sending photos. Multiple photos totalling 25mb turns into a total of 500kb.

    Any help would be appreciated,

    P.S. Even when you press save full resolution Images to Photos (on Ipad) they are heavily compressed.

    1) I sent 3 photos totalling 21mb from Mac using Mail Drop (photos sent as Actual size)

    2) On Ipad I pressed save full resolution Images to Photos and the 3 photos now total 6.5mb
    which is heavily compressed from the original 21mb, but is better than 97kb thumbnails provided in Mail on El Capitan.
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    If you zip them first (with Transmit for example) MailDrop can't mess with the pictures.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I ended up zipping the files with OS X built in 'archive files'. However this isn't great when sending photos from iPad using mail drop.

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