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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by dbw77, Jun 18, 2009.

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    Jul 2, 2007
    The new feature to push exchange folders to the phone and pick which ones is great, so now I can use my rules automatically put mails into the right folders, and get those folders pushed to the iphone.

    I keep my new message count clean, so if I see any count in the mail icon, i know I have new messages. The problem is, the mail icon on the home page only updates the count of new messages in the INBOX.

    So, in this scenario, I could get an important mail from someone, and have it synced to my phone in the folder, but not know I have a new mail from them unless I go in 3 levels to my mailbox and look at all of the folders for the new message count.

    The phone does make the new mail alert sound when a message comes into a folder, but I think it is an oversight that the total new message count does not include the new messages in the folders, but only the INBOX!

    Apple tech support said this is the way it works, but I should put in feedback at, and maybe they would update it if they get enough feed back.

    So please!!! if you use folders and want to know if you have a new message, even in a folder, on your home screen, send apple feedback that it should count (or have the option to count) messages in all folders in the new message count.
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    Old thread (Sorry!)

    Same problem on iOS4.0


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