Mail "forgetting" password.

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    Apr 11, 2011
    Hello everyone,

    On my Macs (iMac & MacBook Pro) I have 5 email accounts configured for IMAP in Apple Mail. The accounts are on 3 different hosts, including my MobileMe account.

    I also have a couple of Linux boxes and several Windows machines all accessing these same accounts.

    Whenever there is a hiccup in my internet connection, i.e. Mail fails to retrieve due to lack of internet access, one of these mail accounts starts popping up the "invalid password" dialogue. It only happens with the mail account hosted by my local ISP (They use Apache servers.)

    The issue is as follows ...

    1. Only Apple Mail encounters this issue. All of the other machines understand it was a bad connection issue and simply try again as scheduled with no issues.

    2. On both Macs, it only happens with my local ISP's mail account. The other accounts behave normally, simply returning to normal once the connection is restored.

    3. The "invalid password" is a false message. I can click cancel, and I can manually take the account online later and it works, without ever changing the password.

    4. Restarting Apple Mail after the connection is restored also fixes the problem, again proving the password is not the issue.

    5. My ISP knows nothing about Macs, and because the issue does not occur on any other operating system, their position is that problem is with OSX or Apple Mail, which they can't help me with even if they wanted to.

    6. The only thing differentiating the problem mail account from the others is that it is hosted on an Apache server, while 3 are hosted on Windows Server 2008, and I assume MobileMe is hosted on an Apple server, thought I have no idea if this is indeed the case or not.

    From what I see, the problem is the combination of an Apache setting and Apple Mail, and not just one of the two, since this does not affect other operating systems using a multitude of different mail clients.

    Does anyone have any ideas or know anything about this particular issue? Thanks much.
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    I was actually about to post almost exactly this same question, the lone difference being that I am not certain if mine is only happening if I have an internet "hiccup."

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