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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by satyam90, Jan 31, 2008.

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    I have a MacBook Pro with 10.4.11 Mac OS.
    I configured my mail on mac to my office mail id. In my office, some group id's are created according to project, work area etc. I am receiving that mails too. Apart from mails, I am receiving invitations,reminders etc for participating in meetings, completing some updates etc. I want to add these to iCal.
    Now I am able to add them to iCal only if I receive invitation etc only to my office mail id. If I receive the mail using group id, I am not able to add to iCal.

    The error is as below:
    There was a problem receiving this event invitation
    Someone invited you to an event using an email address that isn't on your "me" card in Address Book. Find your email address in the following list and add it to your card in Address Book.

    In Address book, I am able to add only one email id.
    Can anybody solve my problem?
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    You're on the right track. The solution is to add all your email addresses to your "me" card in Address Book. I'm not sure why you believe that you can only add one, because that is not the case. You can add as many email addresses to a card as you want.

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