Mail issues (iPhone and Mac Mail with Exchange)

Cave Man

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I'm having a problem with my Mac Mail app and our Exchange server at work. Running 13.3.1 on my iPhone 11 and Mac OS X Mojave 10.14.6.

It appears that my iPhone downloads emails in the background and once this occurs they do not download with Mail on my Mac. If I quit and restart Mac Mail nothing happens. But if I restart the Mac, Mail downloads SOME but not ALL the emails that arrived since the previous restart of the Mac. The ones that don't download appear to be those that I open and read on my iPhone. Is there a way to disable the iPhone's Mail app so that it only downloads emails when I open it? In other words, if I don't have it opened I don't want it to connect to the Exchange server.

I should also note that I can send emails from my Mac just fine, I just can't get it to download them.


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Feb 13, 2011
Baltimore, Maryland
Setting "Manual" at Settings>Passwords & Accounts>Fetch New Data>yourexchangeaccount should do what you're asking…but there's something else going on with how your devices are connecting with your work Exchange server. You should be in total sync on all devices so either you're not set up properly on the Mac and/or iPhone or something is squirrely at the Exchange server itself.