Mail/Mailbox/Address Book Crash

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by SteveD, Aug 17, 2006.

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    Apr 17, 2006
    Dialup/G4/384MB/OSX1[yes, one, damnit!].5/Mac Mail 1.1/Address Book 1.1

    Mail opens until Mailbox automatically opens, then Mail crashes, all in maybe 3 seconds.

    After difficulties and experiments importing addresses from OS9.2.2/Netscape 7.1 Mail into OSX1.5/Mac Mail 1.1, I finally did it. They displayed in a curious window requiring me to categorize things. But I was unable to put each property of each address into the proper category in columns headed by
    <ignore>. I could leave <ignore> or change to a category. Help is unhelpful. I experimented various ways and got maybe 40% right. Almost immediately after that, Mail opened for a few secnds, automatically opened its Mailbox and immediately crashed. Mail/GetInfo/Privileges and Addresses Book/GetInfo/Privileges have visually dull words, meaning, I assume, I have no privileges for read and write. Is that a clue leading to a fix? GetInfo also says "Owner:system" and "Group: admin." Does GetInfo mean that I need to fix Mail and Address Book at the Administrator level?. If so, does this mean using the OSX Install CD to change something?

    Maybe its a corrupt Mailbox, Mailbox folder, or one email. Maybe experimenting with importing addresses angered the Electron Demons. Maybe its Osama bin Ladin ineptly trying to hack the Pentagon...

    Maybe Address Book got corrupted from my confused attempts to import and categorize addresses. If so, what is a fix?

    If I trashed Mail would a new one be created when I restarted? Can Mail alone be reinstalled? From where? If so, what about uninstalling its presumed helper files? And could I save my mail and addresses or import them again from OS9.2.2/Netscape 7.1 Mail? Address Book does not open alone.

    Are there free upgrades of important programs for my problem?
    Remember, my OSX is the early model.

    Carrier pigeons are a lot friendlier. And what's wrong with an abacus?
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    Apr 17, 2006
    I found an empty address file, trashed it and then Mail and Address Book worked. A new address file, w/content, was created.

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