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    Dear Mail users,

    I am having some difficulties setting up accounts in Mail, since it won't allow me to create accounts without POP information, or create accounts with the same POP configurations.

    My situation is rather simple. I have several email accounts which I forward to my ISP email for fast and simple consolidated downloading and viewing. As such, I receive and send emails through my ISP account, but I use different names and email headers (personal / formal / corporate / alias).

    I use Pegasus Email in the past, which allowed me to create different profiles that use the same POP/SMTP, or even create profiles that had no POP or SMTP information.

    However, with Mail it keeps saying my other account already has the same hostname and username and disallow me to create a new account. Is there no way for Mail to cater to my situation?

    I hope someone can help me out. Thank you for your assistance.

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    Aug 12, 2007
    Resolved's validation rules can be compromised by the input of fake host / username information. For instance, just use "" for the hostname and "janedoeX" for the username, where "X" is changed incrementally for each account. In this manner, will given different host / username information for each account, even if the POP information is invalid. In order to avoid's verification of the POP information, click CANCEL when it starts the verification process. Then simple CONTINUE to the next pane. Keep these accounts OFFLINE so that will not use the POP information to check mail. Even though these accounts are offline, they are still available to use for email sending as long as the SMTP information is valid.

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