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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by johngordon, May 5, 2009.

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    Apr 19, 2004
    As far as I knew Mail is perfectly compatible with PCs, but my Dad has a bit of an ongoing thing with someone he knows about how Macs are non standard and incompatible with PCs - can anyone make head or tale about what exactly it is he's going on about here, when my dad mailed him a link to an article Macbooks :

    Unfortunately you've gone back (on your old-fashioned Apple!) to doing your emails in non-formatted style hence once again you have a broken link over two lines which doesn't work and I had to copy it and paste it into a proper PC email to get the thing to join up so it would open!

    When I do open it it says nothing whatsoever of value. It doesn't say why Apple is meant to be better and how it's superior. All I know is that your emails cause me problems because you're NON-STANDARD and THAT'S what matters. If you could afford a Rolls Royce that would be fine, and it may be Apple is the Rolls Royce of computers but it really doesn't matter as the ONLY thing that matters is compatibility. It really is. Since you've had Apples there have always been problems and it's very sad. Just think, if you used Sally's Vista PC we could exchange emails fully formatted and I'd even get receipts just as we used to in the good old days. It was the same with Peter White's hobbyhorse of Linux. Yes, no doubt superb, but not much use unless we all had them. Ditto videos. You could have had the superior old system but no use if you couldn't use standard videos on it. No, the great thing about PCs is that the vast majority use them. I'll stick with them.

    The only thing I can pick out from that is that Mail doesn't support MS Exchange, but that's email program dependent, rather than an inherent PC thing.
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    Problem: some email programs and/or servers break hyperlinks that are in messages when the link spans 2 or more lines (something can fix).

    incorrect assumption by the email author: it's Apple's fault for not being "standard."

    reality: I've seen this while using just about any email program including corporate environments where both parties are using outlook and exchange (even the same exchange server). I never bothered to check to see if it's html-format v. plain-text v. rich text or if it's when the email program forces a line wrap. I just know it happens and it's not simply "Apple's fault."

    That fellow obviously has an axe to grind with regard to Apple. Personally, if I send a message with a long URL, I warn the recipients that they may need to copy/paste it together or I use to send a short URL. Either way, if I had received this message, I wouldn't dignify the rant with a reply.

    I've seen this for years, even when I was a hard-core MS Windows user and no one with whom I associated had a Mac.
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    Cheers - that's pretty much what I thought.

    I think the main issue is he lives in a little world, where everyone uses Outlook just as suits him, the exception being my Dad on his Mac, and so anything that isn't what he's used to he incorrectly seems to think is specifically an Apple issue.

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