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Oct 10, 2014
My email has suddenly stopped synching on my Mac. Still works fine on my iPhone. When I try and delete an email on my Mac I get a "The specified object was not found in the store., The process failed to get the correct properties."

No other emails seem to be coming through to it.

Any ideas?


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Nov 30, 2013
Few ideas.
0. Quit and restart., if no help, computer.
1. Try in Mail Mailbox>Rebuild on each mailbox - if this happens on few mailboxes. Mail should re-build indexes and also re-download message from server, when available. This should fix one mailbox at time. If messages reside on server, it will may long time to download them.
2. Download Onyx and rebuild Spotlight database for Mail.
3. If still issues, you may need to find instructions how to reimport mail messages into the Mail. This is quite annoying and you will loose tags and some other stuff. But it is the last help when database is completely corrupted. I have done it once. Instructions are on line. But do not try this first.


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Apr 3, 2012
Sorry to raise old thread. I have similar issues, but still not fixed yet, even after reimport mail message (step 3). From 4 gmail account, only 1 (the biggest and most active) has this issue. I use 10.15.6.
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