Mail only downloads to Ipad

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    I have a Mac mini running 10.9.5 and an IpadAir running IOS 8.1.2 I have two POP accounts I have had for years. Never changed the settings on the computer. Both are set to remove emails from their servers after one week. On the Ipad the accounts are set up to never remove from server. Lately most incoming emails are going straight to the ipad and never come to the computer. It seems random whether a particular email will actually make it to the computer, but if it does it also goes to the ipad, but not vice versa. I have tried resetting the ipad, erasing the whole thing and restarting as a new ipad, resetting my Mail settings on the computer, deleting the accounts and setting them up as new, rebooting the computer........
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    Your problem seems obvious, but you are looking for the solution in the wrong place. Your Mac and your iPad are competing for control of your POP account. Decide which device you want to control the account.

    For the sake of this post, I will assume that you want your Mac to control the account. Set Mail on your iPad to Never delete mail from the server.
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    Mail only downloads to Ipad

    The settings are already correct. For clarity, let me say I have done all the things one would expect of a person who is certainly not a computer tech but has owned and maintained Apple computers since 1992:) This problem has just come up after over a year. Even if I remove both accounts from both machines and rest them up as new accounts with proper settings, the problem persists.
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    POP email never "goes" anywhere. Devices log into the server and pull the messages over. For some reason, your computer isn't polling the server to get the messages. Check those settings.
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    I, too, had similar (but not identical) issues with POP email when accessing an email account with multiple devices. Since switching to IMAP, there have been no more problems. The way IMAP works is more reliable and predictable.

    My understanding of the way IMAP works is that the accounts on all devices are always synced with the email server. When an email is deleted from the inbox on one device (iMac, iPad, or iPhone), that email is removed from the web server and from all other devices. This arrangement seems to work much better than POP accounts.

    If you want to save a particular email, just move it to a locally-stored folder on the Mac (in the Mac's Mail application). I'm not sure if you can do that in the standard Mail app on the iPad/iPhone, but that would be a desirable feature. If anyone knows how to save an email locally within the IOS Mail app, please advise. There are probably ways to "print" or otherwise save an email as a PDF file to other IOS apps, but I've never tried that.

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