Mail outgoing server problem


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Mar 1, 2012
Hello there,

I've setup Mail on my (leopard) mac and can receive all my emails fine but the problem is I can't send any emails, they just go straight to outbox.

I've been into Mail, preferences, accounts and changed the outgoing server to, but then it says (offline)?

Its so frustrating, I've contacted my isp, who say its the outgoing server name, told me to contact my email client for the outgoing email client said the opposite, my isp should let me know the outgoing server!

I would appreciate any advise as without my emails I'm lost:
Thanks so much:)

p.s I've done an update check and there's no new updates for mail recommended


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Feb 24, 2012
Your isp should provide you with the outgoing server. Every isp that I have ever dealt with has had mail configuration info for various email clients and platforms on their web site, including incoming and outgoing server names, ports, authentication, etc.. Yours doesn't?


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Apr 22, 2010
Tell them you need the smtp server address for their mail system as you are setting up a new computer and require this information. Maybe they didn't understand your terminology or explanation. Asking for what I stated should get you the exact information needed.


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Mar 6, 2012
Another thought ...

As stated by previous posters, this could be nothing more than not having the correct entry for the outgoing mail server, but ...

... it could be a problem with Mail (the iMac email client). My wife and I have used our iMacs for about two years, and there have been repeated problems with Mail "losing" the ISP outgoing mail server connections. Many calls to the Apple Care rep ensued. The fix was usually to delete the account completely, then re-enter the email account from scratch, including the outgoing and incoming mail server addresses.

Early on in the experience, we were told by the Apple rep that our "" accounts were "hijacking" the other email accounts. We completely deleted the (MobilMe) accounts, and this cleared up the problem for a while. The problem has occurred occasionally since then, but much less frequently. MobilMe was a complete waste of money, in my opinion. I hope that Apple's new iCloud is better.

There may be one (or several) bug(s) in Mail, so try deleting your email account and re-entering it to see if that will help.



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Feb 9, 2011
Where are you physically located when sending the email?

Keep in mind that as an antispam measure a lot of ISP's won't allow use of their SMTP server if you're not connected to the internet through them. Some offer authenticated access to their SMTP server if you're not on their network but that falls under "verify settings with your provider".

The SMTP server should be provided by whoever is providing your email service whether it's your ISP or another provider.