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    Do you mean inside the application Mail coming with Mac OS X or another email client or accessing GMail via a web browser?
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    I'm assuming you are referring to Mac Mail on OS X.

    If you get the request for password, especially when you Send, check to see if RSS feed is activated and in your Inbox. If you don't use the RSS feed, change it from Mail to Safari (or some other site) and see what happens.

    My Mac Mail was acting goofy (taking 3 minutes to Send, demanding password) and with the help of Applecare tech support discovered the RSS feed was in the Inbox, and the Applecare senior tech said the for some reason, when the RSS feed was in the Inbox it caused all kinds of problems.

    I don't use the RSS feed (all I was getting was crap from Apple telling me how they are saving the world), so I changed it from Mail to Safari and everything got better.

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