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Nov 15, 2013
Seattle Area (NOT! Microsoft)
Updated my M2Pro Mini to Ventura 13.2.1 and Mail is even buggier than ever. I will admit that I have a ton of mail on my system and I'm hooked up to two IMAP Google accounts, but I am seeing problems I've not seen before. The biggest issue is that I will go into a mailbox on my computer (not a mailbox connected over IMAP) and start stepping through emails (I use classic view with conversation lumping turned off) and instead of seeing different emails I see the same one over and over. If I double click on one of these repeat emails, the correct email shows up in the separate window while the repeat of an earlier email in the list continues to show in the main Mail window. It looked like it was behaving as if conversation lumping was enabled, but the repeating was not of emails that were from the same thread.

I thought I had munged something in some housecleaning I'd been doing so I pulled everything out of ~/Library/Mail and replaced it all with a copy of what was in there at 1PM last night. I thought it was fixed, but now I'm seeing the same behavior. Anyone seen this before?

Later - after a bit more testing it might just be a broken conversation-lumping algorithm. The Mail on the 13.2.1 update is Version 16.0 (3731.500.231). Could someone still on 13.2 check to see what the version is on that?
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