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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by BenHoleton, Jul 12, 2007.

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    I use mail and .mac. I recently replaced my 18 month old iBook with a new SR MBP. I am trying to get the mail "on my mac" from my iBook to my new computer. I have all my alotted space on .mac used (I run a home business and have over 6,000 emails saved). Migration assistant wasn't helpful as my firewire port on my iBook is dead. Yeah, I have AppleCare, but I need to get these emails before I ship the computer off. I can add emails from my backup file one at a time, but that will be a royal pain. any help?
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    so you have an email that ends in

    Then, you shouldn't have to copy your messages over. .mac is an IMAP service so all the messages should still be on the .mac server. Just enter your mail account details into your new mac and it should pick up all your messages automatically.

    Edit: If you have messages that are stored "On My Mac" only. The easiest way to get them onto another machine is to copy them (in mail) to a folder on your .mac account (and hence on the server) [To create a new mailbox on .mac, in mail do Mailbox->New Mailbox, and select location to be .Mac]. They will then be accessible from any machine.

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