Mail says i have a new email when i don't...

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by brent0saurus, May 30, 2009.

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    I keep getting the little badge on the mail icon in my dock saying i have a new email but when i switch to mail (make it the active app) there's nothing and the badge goes away! BUT IT KEEPS COMING BACK!

    i have an imap account with gmail.
    i also have one draft... could that be it? that'd be silly....
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    it could be an error with GMAIL. so whenever the program checks for email it will tell you there is some mail. there should be a white number in the circle thingy on the post stamp. if there is no number then delete the gmail account and start again. make sure that mail isnt setup to download all mail from the google servers and then delete it from the servers, because then you could accidently delete all the emails.

    also make sure you follow google's setup for apple mail. if all else fails copy and paste the mail app from a friends mac and try that.
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    Are you running 10.5.7? I've noticed similar issues since upgrading.
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    In Mail Preferences under the General area, make sure the 'Dock unread count' is set as Inbox Only. You may be getting alerts that you have new mail in your Spam folder or somewhere else.
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    Perfect answer

    Thanks. Although this seems obvious in hind-sight, I didn't find this solution on my own, and it was exactly the solution I needed. Much appreciated.:)

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