Mail sending out 'read confirmation' emails w/o my knowledge

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by brasiliangringo, Aug 8, 2011.

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    I noticed from my Sent box, that Mail is sending out 'read confirmation' emails to emails I have received and read from a contact of mine (who is obviously requesting them). However, I am not being made aware of this request when reading these emails in my Inbox. I am a little annoyed that something is happening without my knowledge or consent (ie read confirmations being sent!!)

    Any ideas..

    I am running Gmail IMAP through Mail.
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    I don't have any personal experience with read receipts, but from a quick search, what I could find was this:

    - Generally speaking, Gmail doesn't offer read receipts, nor does Mail respond to them, however
    - HTML messages download images from a server, which can be used to find out that/when the message was accessed.

    To prevent this, you can go to Preferences - Viewing, then uncheck the box for "Display remote images in HTML messages."

    I'm not sure that fully explains the messages in your sent box, though... If I find anything else I'll let you know.
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