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MAIL Slow To Load Emails...


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Original poster
May 30, 2007
Periodically, Mail would take ages to load the content of even simple emails.

You click on an email and it shows it as blank, for minutes at times.

It is happening on several Macs, all relatively new (the oldest is mid-2012).

All upgraded to OS 10.10.

Anyone else seeing this?


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Oct 30, 2014
I am having the exact same issue... only started today!!

I have 2 accounts setup with Apple Mail and they are both using IMAP!

These were working perfectly ... do I now have to convert them over to POP3...?... I do have these accounts setup on both my iPhone and iPad so am concerned that with POP3 the messages will be deleted before reaching my other devices?

I've just sent myself a test email from gmail which has only a subject and content of 'Test Sean'.... and it took several minutes to show up in my inbox... and then several minute to just open in the viewing panel?
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