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    I recently download the mailbox app and it has been nothing but trouble. When I tried the "Inbox Zero" function (just to see how it worked), it archived all of my emails. After seeing how it worked, I went onto my computer to put the newly archived emails back into my regular inbox. It seemed perfectly fine from my desktop, but there was one problem. When I went back to the Mailbox app on my phone, the archived emails were back in the inbox, but they were completely out of order. There would be some emails from 2 years ago at the top, and some from yesterday in the middle. I would like to have it sorted by date, but I've looked at all the settings and it doesn't seem possible. It seems like it's a problem with the phone, because my default Mail app has the order messed up too. Is there any way to get it back to how it was earlier?

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    Flaw in app.

    Messed up sorting is a bug. Maybe they'll fix it. Or not. Other missteps include "delete all" at bottom of trash list rather than top, forcing scrolling of long trash lists; no easy way to merge or move folders; no adding existing gmail folders; long time to reflect gmail label/folder moves of mail's folders in mail, after being moved in gmail or AppleMail.

    After their "waiting list" gimmick I expected a more complete app.Let's see if they fix these missteps, which remind me of the history of endless Windows updates before it became competitively usable.

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