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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by wetrix, Aug 22, 2014.

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    I couldn't find any discussions on Mailbox for Mac (beta) other than requests for betacoins. Here's my list of bugs and requests so far. I'd be interested to see what others have unearthed. Make sure you submit any of your own feedback to

    Feature requests
    • Ability to download all attachments at once to specified folder
    • Would it be possible for messages snoozed to the desktop, to stay hidden from the mobile inbox? I.e. if something can only be actioned on a desktop, stop it coming back to the mobile inbox.
    • Ability to drag recipients between To:, CC, BCC fields
    • Ability to change subject line on replies
    • Double click drafts to open up in compose/modal-type window (so the behaviour is more like double clicking messages)
    • Dropbox integration for attachments!
    • Link in menus for beta feedback
    • Feature roadmap

    • Unpredictable behaviour of drafts and unfocused messages being composed.
    • Had to drag betacoin 3 times and open and it from finder 2 times. Each time it did the dropping out animation. Quit Mailbox and reopened and it was working.
    • Messages in spam are opened automatically and attachments downloaded
    • New messages don’t trigger the App Badge Count to appear consistently when set to display ‘1’.
    • Drafts loose their attachments when another message is selected.
    • Clicking the inbox zero photo opens the browser instead of displaying in the inbox like the iOS app.

    Visual tweaks
    • Settings pane is too tall for a 13” screen (Retina MBP) with dock placed at the bottom
    • Hide dropdown caret on from address if only one from address exists
    • Right clicking non-image attachments shows an inappropriate menu for downloading and copying images
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    I'd like the ability to access other mail accounts. Even if the features that make mailbox so great for Gmail and iCloud accounts only apply to those, I think it would still make sense to have basic inbox, reply, send, etc. functionality for regular pop3 accounts so I don't have to use a separate program for them.
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    Stopped getting notifications a while back and unable delete spam messages.
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    I love Mailbox on iOS so I was sad to install the Beta and find so many features not present. My first suggestion would be to get all the features from the iOS app in.
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    Oct 30, 2014
    It would also be nice to see the three circles that you usually find in the top left corner (red, yellow, green) show up together with the upper bar when you go to the full screen mode and then want to come back. In the full screen mode whenever you want to come back to the windowed mode you end up pressing the Esc button because there are no circles showing up in the top left corner. That's the bug I want squashed!!
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