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    I've just started using Mail to organize all of my mailboxes, but I don't like all of the storage the archives are taking up. I like to keep all of my mail around, but having it on the server is good enough, is there a setting to use to delete past messages in Mail without deleting them online?

    edit: specifically this is Gmail (in case you didn't read the topic :))
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    No. Whatever you do in Mail will be mirrored in GMail. You can help though by going to GMail settings and in Labels uncheck some of the folder (labels) you don't need shown in Mail... particularly the All Mail label. All Mail essentially is a duplicate of everything so causes a double download of everything in Mail app and of course takes double the space.

    Go to GMail help and make sure you have Mail app setup like the recommend, especially the "save on server" settings in Mail prefs.

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