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    A new version of "Mailer" for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch (iOS 4) has been released:

    Mailer 6.5 for iOS 4.2 (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad)

    About Mailer

    "Mailer" is the multi tool for mail sending.
    - Send attachments (e.g. your vCard (business card), a PDF, etc.)
    - Send personalized emails to groups (each recipient gets its own email created from the template)
    - Create and organize rich text (HTML) email templates.
    - Manage and add attachments directly on your device (e.g., downloading from your DropBox (requires free DropBox app).
    - Create a template which sends the contents of the clipboard to predefined recipients in two taps.
    - Create professional mailings.

    Demo Videos:



    Release Notes:

    New in Version 6:
    - Link to style sheet library (in development), e.g. with a style sheet for Christmas greetings.
    - Import and export of single style sheets.
    - Import and export of all mail templates and all style sheets.
    - Import data and documents via URL scheme (mailer://?addData=(url))
    - Improved reliability with certain SMTP servers.
    - Minimum requirement is iOS 4.1
    - Bug fix: Changed the encoding to quoted-printable to fix a problem transmitting long lines via some smtp servers.
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    Request for Feedback on SMTP Servers

    One feature of Mailer is to generate personalized Mailings (one Mail per each recipient, replacing placeholders). It is done in a batch processing (without further user interaction) if you setup your SMTP server in Mailer.

    Mailer has been tested with many SMTP servers (among them and However, we cannot test all ISPs.

    Please contact us if you have issues with Mailer and your specific SMTP service provider.

    Best Regards

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