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    Oct 16, 2003
    Mailer 6.17 for iPhone (iOS 4.2)

    About Mailer

    "Mailer" is the multi tool for mail sending.
    • Send attachments (e.g. your vCard (business card), a PDF, etc.)
    • Send emails to groups.
    • Create and organize rich text (HTML) email templates.
    • Manage and add attachments directly on your device (e.g., downloading from your DropBox (requires free DropBox app).
    • Create a template which sends the contents of the clipboard to predefined recipients in two taps.
    • Create professional mailings.
    • Attach multiple images.

    Demo Videos:


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    Oct 16, 2003
    Version 6.19 has been released. The version brings some minor bug fixes related to landscape orientation.
  3. mathematician thread starter macrumors member

    Oct 16, 2003
    New Version

    Version 6.20 has been release.

    New in Version 6.20:
    - Addition of style elements to the HTML element selector.
    - Additions to the documentation.

    Bug fixes in Version 6.19:
    - Correction of a wrong orientation used for the template list and recipient list in landscape mode.

    Bug fixes in Version 6.17:
    - Fixed a problem with a colon or semi-colon in the recipients name or company name resulting in sending two emails (one correct, the other with a non-harmful delivery failure).

    New in Version 6.16:
    - Improved compatibility with some SMTP servers.

    New Feature in Version 6.14:
    - The small image editor (for preprocessing of attachments) allows to change the orientation of the images.

    New Feature in Version 6.12:
    - Use images from your photo album as attachments. Create reduced size version of you images and add them to Mailer's attachment storage.
    - Mail templates can be duplicated (via the "Options" menu in the bottom toolbar).
    - Easy purging of recipient lists.

    New in Version 6.11:
    - BUG FIX: Fixed a bug preventing the app from launching (under iOS 4.1 and Lite version only).

    New in Version 6.8:
    - Improved compatibility with Outlook 2007 rendering of style sheets. Before, some stile elements were ignored in Outlook 2007. To update your stile sheets to the new format you need to select them once from the list of mail stile sheets.
    - Changed the way the pasteboard placeholder is processed. If the text contained in the pasteboard contains newline characters, they will be treated according to the settings in the template's "Properties".

    New in Version 6.7:
    - Improved reliability with certain SMTP servers.

    New in Version 6.4
    - Minimum requirement is iOS 4.1

    New in Version 6.3:
    - Bug fix: Changed the encoding to quoted-printable to fix a problem transmitting long lines via some smtp servers.

    New in Version 6.2:
    - Link to style sheet library (in development), e.g. with a style sheet for Christmas greetings.

    New Feature in Version 6.1:
    - Import and export of single style sheets.
    - Import and export of all mail templates and all style sheets.
    - Import data and documents via URL scheme (mailer://?addData=(url))

    New Feature in Version 5.19:
    - Export your templates and style sheets via email (e.g. as a backup).
    - Import templates and style sheets via "Open in…".

    New Feature in Version 5.18:
    - The function "Send quickly" shows an option to use a mail address from the pasteboard as recipient address, if the pasteboard contains a mail address. This function is helpful if you frequently create standard replies to mails: copy the mail address from the received mail, switch to Mailer and create the reply.

    New in Version 5.17:
    - Improved documentation

    New Feature in Version 5.16:
    - iOS 4.2 support!

    New Features in Version 5.15:
    - Placeholders may also be used in the subject line.
    - You may add a return receipt mail address to the account definition (please see the documentation).

    Bug Fixes since Version 5.15:
    - Fixed a bug resulting in a wrong mail date displayed in some mail clients.

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