Mainstage 2.0.0 in G4?

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    Just installed Logic Pro 9.0.0 and works well on the G4 I have. It is know that it is an UB until 9.1 that become Intel Only. It ask me for a CoreGraphic card (I have GeForce 4MX only) and recommend 2Gigs of ram (I have 1.75) but it runs.

    Mainstage is UB also, but ask for a G5. o_Oo_O

    I see no reason why my Sawtooth dual 1.8 cant do more than the original G5 1.6 for example. Maybe bandwidth, but it seems like the typical Apple marketing move for Powerbooks users to make them buy new latest Intel stuff.

    In the past, there were some Apple software that made a hardware check to see if you have AGP graphics cards. You reveal the package content and you could take out the hardware check file or make a mod in the various .plist files to make them run on G3s or in those first Intels that had no AGP (but PCIExpress). For Final Cut: for G3 for G5

    Can anyone see a flag that blocks G4 on the attached files ?

    A G5 search didn't reveal anything, but I couldn`t see arch386 or arch64 anywhere
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    In the first article:
    "A step by step howto on installing Final Cut Pro HD 4.5 on a G3 mac I haven't tried this procedure with other FCP 4.x versions - but they are probably quite similar if not identical in this respect.

    • Open your FinalCutPro DVD
    • Select the shortcut that says Install Final Cut Pro HD - or equivalent
    • Press cmd - r (Apple Button and R)
      -- this should take you to the installer dir hidden on the DVD
    • Copy the contents of this folder to a folder on your harddrive
      -- close the DVD (to avoid confusion)
    • Open the new folder on your harddrive with the files you just copied
    • Open the packages folder which should be inside it
    • Ctrl-click the FinalCutProHD4.5.pkg and select show contents of package
      -- observe that you are indeed opening the file in the packages folder and NOT the one named FinalCutProHD.mpkg on the level above it - the latter is only used when you are going to install later
    • Locate this file within the FinalCutProHD4.5.pkg: Contents / Resources / InstallationCheck
    • Open InstallationCheck in a text editor - for instance TextEdit
    The code to edit is actually quite obvious: Somewhere early on in the document is an if-clause that looks like this:
    #set the exit value dependant on the hardware present
    $EXIT_VALUE = ((1 << 6) | ( 1 << 5 ) | 16 );

    This clause acts if your CPU doesn't meet the requirements and quits with a corresponding error message.

    You simply apply a " # " in front of each line inside the clause like this:
    # $EXIT_VALUE = ((1 << 6) | ( 1 << 5 ) | 16 );
    # last;

    This means the code is treated as comments and won't be carried out when the program runs - hence the installer will continue even though your hardware is 'inferior'.

    - save the file, install by using the FinalCutProHD.mpkg located in the dir you copied to, reboot.

    Once installed:

    • Locate the FinalCutProHD application in your Applications folder
    • Ctrl-click it and select show contents of package
    • Open the Contents folder
    • Open the file Info.plist in a text editor (perhaps do perform a backup of the file first)
    • Locate this code:

    Delete those two lines... yep... get rid of them - save

    You should now be able to run the program - works for me on an 800mhz iBook G3

    Good luck

    - nuxx"

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    I guess it is not as simple as it were. It could be a flag for 64 bit only, because the "G5" term didn't show in my searches.

    At least we have Mainstage 1

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