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    May 5, 2014
    on MainStage 3 can I work with my iMac and iPad only ?
    Or anyway it needs hardware like guitars, drums, audio interfaces etc ?
    Newbie question, I know it, but I'm curious for what MainStage really is and the description in App Store doesn't help me a lot, unfortunately. (My question is not about system requirements)

    * I have Logic Pro X.

  2. campyguy macrumors 68040

    Mar 21, 2014
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    I'm personally not much help as I own MS but not LPX, but I can offer that my friends that own both compose in LPX and prep MS for "live" performances - they'll upload their compositions to me and then we'll get together for ad hoc performances (ad hoc being for fun time). None of them try to perform in LPX - loading tracks one at a time is a PITA, so I've been told.

    My workflow starts in GB and then I move to MS - Logic is too far over my head! I asked for a couple of links from my friends, but was related that it's just a great performance composition tool. If I get more from them I'll pass it on.
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    Nov 19, 2012
    I have some friends who use backing tracks when playing live music for added effect (a second guitar player is recorded, some slight backing tracks, occasional really big snare hits). They create the tracks in Logic and do all of their editing there, and then use Mainstage when playing live. They can load their songs in with multiple tracks per song, which allows them to send their click track to just the drummer (as well as a drum track that has some added count ins so you can be reminded when the chorus or something is coming up) and the other tracks go the house. They actually even have a live guitar amp that they run the second guitar track into, and it gets mic'ed. Main Stage also has a nice UI that's very simple for playing back like this. They can build playlists, and the name of the song is really big on the screen. Their drummer controls it, and they have a nice setup with an interface and a few DI boxes and laptop stand on a rolling cart that they built. It sits off to his side and he can reach the trackpad and spacebar when sitting.

    Trying to use Logic like they do Mainstage does not work well (if at all). There's constant freezes and the program just uses a lot more of your computer unless you turn down the sample rate and do other things that degrade the quality. Mainstage is built more for live usage like this. They're two similar-ish tools for two very different jobs.
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