Major issues connecting monitor to nMP

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by The3rdMan, Jun 6, 2014.

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    Dec 22, 2008
    Received my nMP in the mail yesterday and from the get go my monitor has had major issues connecting. The model is a NEC MultiSync LCD2690WUXi and was once considered high end. I purchased the Apple Thunderbolt to DVI-D connecter so thought there would be no problems.

    What I got from the start was a weird flickering green screen where I could see what was going on with the Mac for a few seconds (login screen, setup assistant, etc.)...but there was a lot of static and it would go black most of the time. After restarting the mac manually multiple times and switching the thunderbolt inputs (I tried all of them) as well as the inputs on the back of the monitor (I have DVI-I and DVI-D) it finally stayed. Today I put it in new RAM and when restarting the same problems returned. I did manipulate the wire a bit (where the adapter is) and it works for a few seconds and then goes out. Finally got it to work by doing this but am afraid that with any touch or movement of the wire the monitor will go blank again.

    Is this a common problem with DVI monitors and the nMP? Common problem with Apple's thunderbolt adapter? I'm assuming I should replace the adapter?
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    I use my nMP with a similar connection: mini DP (TB) to DVI-D non-Apple brand Adapter, together with a 6 year old Samsung 24" DVI Display.
    No problem at all!
    Your cables or adapters should be checked.
    If the display is OK you should have no problem using it with your nMP.
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    Yes, sounds like a flaky connection.

    You may also wish to try HDMI to DVI adapter.

    It is pin for pin and would support the 1920x1200 native.

    And they are super cheap and don't use up any TB bandwidth or ports.
  4. The3rdMan thread starter macrumors newbie

    Dec 22, 2008
    Yes, I tried to figure out which adapter would be best for a DVI monitor but there isn't much info out there...Im assuming there is no real difference because the signal is degraded to DVI no matter the adapter connection. Will go ahead and do that.
  5. goMac macrumors 603

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    With HDMI there is no signal degradation. HDMI and DVI are the same signal.

    With Displayport there is an adaptive process, although there should be zero degradation. Digital signals don't degrade, and DVI and Displayport are both digital signals.
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    The HDMI port on the MacPro 6,1 shares Thunderbolt bus 0 with Thunderbolt ports 5 and 6.

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