Major Macbook Pro Early 2011 Issue (Lion?)

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by neomx, Aug 2, 2011.

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    I bought a MBP Early 2011 last month, a friend bought his too a month later. We usually use Facetime to chat and review some work stuff, so, when we bought the computers, they had SL installed, they worked fine. Then the Lion Developer Preview came out and I installed in on mine, but my friend didn't have access to it, so he kept SL, I don't remember still having any problems.

    Then Lion came out and my friend bought it and installed it on his MBP, thats when problems started. Whenever we are having a Facetime call, I can hear small pitchy noises, after a while (sometimes and lately this has been more often) the sound starts to "recycle" and a horrible noise is made on both computers, It seems like the mic gets very sensitive, and even my keypresses and trackpad clicks sound get caught and start to exponenciate louder and louder on both machines, If i say a word, I can hear my friend hears it SUPER LOUD and then the sound comes back and forth and it's impossible to keep the sound going on :S.

    We have made some tests,

    1. If any of us mutes his sound, the problem stops, the other party can hear him perfectly, but as soon as we remove the mute the problem remains until we hang up and call again.

    2. Both models of MBP are the same, we tried the following combinations:
    - MBP E 2011 Lion <--> MBP E 2011 Lion : PROBLEM
    - MBP E 2011 Lion <--> White Macbook (2010) Running SL : NO PROBLEM
    - MBP L 2009 Lion <--> MBP E 2011 Lion: NO PROBLEM
    So we don't know if this is an issue with facetime + our specific models connecting each other, or a physical issue, or a Lion issue.

    3. If any of us uses headphones the problem doesn't show up.

    4. This only happens in Facetime. No problem is detected when using Skype, iChat.

    Anyone knows what could be happening? Thanks in advance.
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    Interesting you mention this as I get this EXACT problem with Skype on my 13" 2011 Macbook Pro, and this is when talking with friends who aren't using Macbooks. Although, I am using SL and not Lion.

    I've never actually used Facetime though so I'm not sure if it would happen there too.

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