Major PowerBook Issues


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Jan 18, 2004
Princeton, NJ/Ithaca, NY
Hey guys,

Got my Powerbook back in April, specs are:

1.67GHz 15" G4
1GB RAM (512MB added about a month ago)
128MB 9700 Mobility Radeon
30" Cinema Display

Anyways, today, I decided to install that security update that was issued about a week ago (#6), and it asked me to restart. Because I was in the middle of something, I force quit the Software Update to get rid of that annoying Restart/Shutdown dialog. I've done this with a number of updates (I know, I know, it's not good, but in the past two years of "Mac-ing," it has never been a problem). Anyways, about an hour or two later, the computer LCD went black, but you could still see some parts of the screen. It looked exactly like when you turn the backlight off. The computer froze though, as when activating Dashboard, etc, I could see no changes to the screen.

So, I hard reset it, and continued to work. About two hours later, it froze again, however this was much stranger. A thin horizontal line went through the bottom area of the screen (about 25% up). It was extremely thin, but noticeable. The screen then proceeded to go to various weird colors, and about thirty seconds later, ended up pretty much entirely light purple. I got very worried at this point, so I shut it down again.

I gave Apple a call from here, and we proceeded to hold down SHIFT, CTRL, OPTION, and the Power key. Not sure what this was for, but the computer started up (fans), and then shut down two seconds later. We then reset the PRAM, by pressing ALT, OPTION, and the Power Button. The computer chimed twice, and the Apple guy told me to call back if it happens again. He agreed with me that this looks like a logic board problem.

Any ideas as to what to do here, and if anyone has experienced something similar? I really don't want to have to send my baby in, as I pretty much rely on it.


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Mar 29, 2004
Boston, MA
SLCentral said:
Nope, but I'll give that a try. The steps look different then what I was told by the guy on the phone.
let me know if it helps. i don't understand why, but i had small issue with my PB like low airport reception, fans coming on, battery status incorrect, pb didn't wake from sleep. although some of them seem not to be related to power management they went away after PMU reset. i don't know why and how but it seems to work.