Major Problem with Rev B. - 10.6.5 + BootCamp - SOLVED!!

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by alan111, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. alan111, Nov 30, 2010
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    Sep 17, 2010
    Well well well. I really need help. REALLY BADLY.

    I have a Rev B. MacBook Air, 1.86 ghz, 128GB SSD. I have OSX on the first partition at 80GB, and I have Windows 7 on the second partition at about 45GB in size. It was a real nice dual boot setup and I was very happy with it.

    Yesterday, for some reason that I will never comprehend, I decided to go into Windows 7's Disk Management Utility to fix up an unformatted flash drive. In the process, and I stress, I have no idea what the hell I did, I managed to convert my 128GB SSD into a dynamic drive. And of course, my computer happened to be extremely low on battery, and the computer died.

    I tried to boot the Air, and lo and behold, I had the white screen of death. If I booted up holding down 'option', it would only give me the option of the Windows partition. If I select it, Windows appears to boot fine. After the whole Windows loading process, I get a quick blue screen of death and a reboot cycle. Over and over again.

    I decided to run the Windows setup again to try and convert the SSD from Dynamic to Basic. 'Repair Your Computer' did not work. I then tried to reinstall Windows on the second partition, but Windows refuses to install on a Dynamic drive. I'm screwed.

    So, I found a utility that will allow me to convert the SSD from a dynamic to basic drive via command prompt. Perfect right? I burned the ISO to a CD-R and boot it from the Superdrive at boot. I get the initial GUI screen of the app. Great! Would I like to load the program? YES! It then takes me to a DOS like command prompt where it shows its loading up the various modules. As it comes to the last module, the MacBook restarts. I try the process again. The MacBook restarts. Again and again and again.

    I now decided to boot up OSX Install DVD. After loading it up again via the Superdrive, Disk Utility within the Setup recognizes the 128GB SSD and the 2 partition, but refuses to mount them. I cannot verify or repair.

    My only option is to manually remove the drive, and connect it to a functioning PC that will allow me to convert from a dynamic disc to basic disc. The program that I just purchased should be able to do it without having to remove any data from the drive - Partition Wizard 5.2 Professional.

    How do I get it to connected with a USB interface? Well well. Apple, in their infinite wisdom decided to make the SSD on the REV B. a LIF SATA interface. The only one in the effing world. Try finding an enclosure that'll house that! Luckily I found one (and ONLY one) made by Runcore. Cool, they're pretty reliable. So I went on to their only reseller in the US and they of course are sold out. Just my luck.

    I found another store, MemoryC located in the UK that has it in stock. Great! Ordered today with overnight shipping. I pray my life out that this enclosure will allow me to connect the SSD to my PC and allow me to convert it back from a dynamic to basic without having to format any data.

    Please pray for me everyone! Or give me some tips! Or ANY help at all! PLEASE!!

    Oh and no, I have no backup of either partition. I have yet to set up the Time Machine backup. So I'm really hoping for the best in this situation.
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    Jun 30, 2010
    K, let's get the prelims out of the way. Sorry. This must be done.


    Why did you not just do it with Disk Utility in Snow Leopard?


    You converted the boot drive? Were you like, not paying any attention to what you were doing?


    Why in the BLUE HELL were you doing disk activities off the juice???

    You're joking.


    *Ahem*. Ok. I'm composed.

    Best I can suggest.
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    Sep 17, 2010
    Thanks for the shambling / suggestions!

    Good news.
    The Runcore enclosure came in this morning. I hooked up my SSD to it, and the conversion from Dynamic to Basic took less than 4 seconds. Plugged my SSD back in and we're all good now! Woo hoo!

    Anybody need an LIF SATA USB enclosure?
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    Jun 30, 2010
    You got lucky. Good that you got your stuff back in order.

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