Major Safari & Ebay Problems - Persistent Log Outs!

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    Hi All,

    I trust I am posting in the correct section but if not, I kindly request the mods to move in most appropriate one!

    I am in the UK running OSX Lion 10.7.5 & Safari 6.1.6 & have recently been having a major issue whereby I am persistently being asked to sign in again & again - I cannot even navigate from one page to another without having to do so & it is extremely annoying. This has never happened before with both Safari & Ebay working in harmony.

    The issue surfaced about a week ago so I presumed it must be a ebay issue but it runs fine on Firefox. No other websites on Safari require me to keep logging in again & keep me signed in.

    Safari is my main Browser and everything is set up on that so I would rather not have to switch between two Browsers and my ebay mail alerts automatically open up in Safari when clicked.

    I have noticed that:

    1) Certain pages have a different look & place information at different locations - e.g. on some pages when watching an item it is shown in bold on the top left hand corner & on others in the middle of the page in non bold.

    2) At the top left hand corner it shows (pertains to account holder & name):
    a) "Hello" as normal with no "Sign In" prompt & allows one to proceed normally
    b) "Hello" & asks to "Sign In" even though I am & it allows me to proceed
    c) "Hello" & asks to "Sign In" on every occasion or new page even though I just did - mostly the case.

    3) I have noticed at when logging in, sometimes there is different information in the web address bar - sometimes it contains the words "my beta" & "guest=1" & other times not.

    4) These issues seems to have started when ebay updated the look of their site & changes to how some of the things look & how they now operate.

    I do not know if the above have any relevance but thought I would mention them just in case they are somehow.

    I had a online chat with an Ebay rep & he said that there are currently no conflicts between Safari & Ebay.

    I have so far deleted the cookies a number of times & done a full reset of Safari with all boxes ticked so I presume that also cleared the cache?

    Very rarely can proceed for a few clicks ahead but 99% of the time, I get automatically logged out and/or am required to sign back in on pretty much every page or link I navigate to - it is driving me nuts!

    Can anyone please kindly shed some light on how this can be fixed and/or resolved - I would be extremely grateful!

    Many Kind Thanks,
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    Jun 8, 2009

    No Replies? Can someone please help? I have tried yet again, on numerous occasion, cleared cookies, reset Safari, checked Keychain, checked Password autofill.

    Evey time, I clear cookies, a bunch of new ebay cookies automatically appear & under Safari Privacy preferences where it asks about Blocking Cookies, the one that says "from Third Parties & Advertisers" is ticked.

    Even though Ebay cookies are there, Ebay keeps signing me out pretty much all of the time & with conflicting information on ebay pages - like showing me signed in & asking me to sign in at the same time etc.

    This is driving me nuts - is there a way to confirm that Safari has been set to accept all Ebay cookies and that they are working properly or if any are missing? The reason I ask, is that even though the ebay cookies show as present, Ebay sometimes then asks me to ensure that cookies are enabled via the web browser?

    I do not know if this is the only cause/issue but it seems like it is one of them at least..

    Please Help Someone!

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