[Major Update] Shape Chaser - Make your own time lapse life journal

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    Oct 10, 2013


    Have you seen this favorite movie?

    Pregnancy time lapse movie

    Watching time lapse video is interesting. But making one is not that easy.

    In this case, the pregnancy time lapse video, the interval of each image is maybe a week.

    If you try this at home, you may found that it is very tricky to place the subject exactly where it was, and also it is hard to make the size same as it was in the last photo.

    Moreover, if you use your iPhone when taking the picture, the tilt angle of the iPhone also effect the output.

    Even though you have overcome the difficulties and taken several images with your camera or phone, it is complicate to merge them into a video or GIF file.

    Shape Chaser resolves such difficulties.

    Shape chaser shows previous picture translucently when you take a new picture. And it also shows you the original tilt angle.

    What you have to do is make the previous image and the image on the live preview of your iPhone overlapped and then take a picture.

    Shape chaser provide 3 sec timer shooting to help aim and shoot at the same time.

    After you took pictures, you can create movie or GIF easily with the pictures. Also, you can share the movie on your Facebook directly from the App.

    Plus, Shape Chaser let you know when it is time to take a picture if you set interval.

    Shape Chaser is free on the App Store.

    Make your own time lapse with Shape Chaser.



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    Oct 10, 2013
    Now version 2.1.2 available on the AppStore.

    Now you can jump from the last picture to the first picture, and from the first picture to the last picture using the added button. Compare the first one and the last one easily.
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    Oct 10, 2013
    Now version 2.3 available on the AppStore.

    Now you can add BGM to your time-lapse video.

    On a settings of a chaser, select a music.

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