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    EDIT2: Nevermind, I was misreading the terminal readout. That was the disk image for the download the Recovery Disk Assistant.

    So, Lion came with my computer, so I don't have an install file from the Mac App Store. How can I get my recovery partition remade or at least make a bootable USB drive?



    Hi all!

    I put an SSD in my Macbook Pro (Late 2011, 13") and then put the original harddrive in a caddy in the DVD drive's spot.

    I was going to reboot into disk utility to run on scan on the drive, and realized that the Command-R (or Option) on boot wouldn't see the second harddrive at all, either the main partition or the recovery partition. The same is true of the Recovery Disk Assistant. But, if I do a diskutil list command in terminal, the SSD is disk0, the data harddrive is disk1, and the recovery is disk2.

    So, it's there, but OS X just isn't seeing it. Can it see it on a drive that's not the main drive? Is there a way to move it? Should I just spend the time download the internet recovery (will that stay put once downloaded?)


    Edit: To be clear, I only see my main Macintosh HD drive when I boot holding the option key. I don't see the recovery or the main "DataDrive" in that list.

    Attached is now a screen shot of the diskutil list command in terminal. Thanks!

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    i have lion also, came with with my MBP. but when i needed to re install the OS i was told to download it online. so what is the point of having a built in recovery if you still have to download the OS? it would be nice to erase this and just use the thumb drive i had to buy instead.

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