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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by whenpaulsparks, Aug 25, 2006.

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    You can make some apps look more leopard-ish without using theme programs. Since quite a few apps in leopard are going towards the unified title/toolbar look, you can easily make some existing apps look like this with just a check of a box in Interface Builder. i've done this successfully with bittorrent and Sherlock, haven't tried many others but it's possible! sorry if someone else has already posted this, i quickly looked and didn't see anything.

    Note: you must have xcode tools installed!

    1. Right click (or ctrl-click) the application you want to try to change. it must be an application with a real toolbar (not safari's toolbars, for example). choose Show Package Contents. make sure the app is not running.
    2. go to the Contents/Resources folder, and then usually the .nib files are in the English.lproj folder inside of that.
    3. start opening nibs until you find the one that has the main window. make sure the inspector is open, and if the window is brushed metal (like bittorrent), uncheck "Textured", and check "Unified Title/Toolbar Look" or whatever. Save the file.

    you can now relaunch the app and it will be leopard-ish! sherlock looks really nice like this, as does bittorrent. let me know what other apps look great with this!
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    Yeah, I agree, this is a change that happened with Tiger. Anyway, nice tip (though I've seen it before).

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