Make individual PDFs from an 11 page doc in pages '09?

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    Nov 10, 2011
    hi everyone, i am an old user but have had to make a new account. i am looking for help with the following problem please,
    i have a document in pages '09 that is 11 pages long, i would like to make a pdf of the first page, then one of pages 2 - 7, then the first and last page (you get the idea) - separate pdfs from within the document. I can of course use the print to pdf function and choose the pages i want but that generates massive file sizes that are not practical for me. if i export as pdf then i can't see an option to do anything but the whole document, although i can chose a smaller quality thus reducing the size of the pdf.
    i made the doc within a template and even if i try and copy all the first page and paste it into a new doc, thus making individual documents with me requirements all the formatting seems to disappear.
    so i was hoping that there may be a way that i have missed to select what pages i want to export as pdfs.
    any help will be great fully received and i have never been let down yet :)
  2. d1sahib, Nov 10, 2011
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    Jus 'print' the pages you need in a single file as a PDF (File|Print|Save as PDF; remember to specify the range of pages to print for each PDF).

    2. Oops! Noticed that you already tried the above, so here is another way. Print the whole file as a PDF and then open it with Preview. Show the sidebar, highlight a page you want to delete and press the delete key. After you have remove a set of pages, save the pdf with a new name. Open the original, and repeat.
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    Dec 30, 2003
    Use Preview

    I do not have Pages, but after you create entire document in Pages, you can split out individual or groups of pages in Preview.

    • Open pdf in Preview.
    • Open sidebar to show thumbnails of individual pages.
    • To save single page as a pdf file click on applicable thumbnail in sidebar and drag to desktop - new file formed on desktop. Original file is preserved
    • To save multiple pages, select multiple thumbnails in sidebar and drag to desktop.
    • In both cases it will create a filename based on original - you will probably want to rename.

    Also, If you have large file sizes, a potential way to reduce size is to again do it thru Preview.

    • Open pdf in Preview.
    • In menu select File>>Export...
    • In Export dialog, click on the "Quartz Filter" pulldown and select "Reduce File Size"
    • Save new pdf.

    Note that this reduce file size feature is not user adjustable and sometimes can make images look really bad. There are ways to create your own quartz filter with different settings, but I have not done it.
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    Nov 10, 2011
    excellent, thanks very much both of you - i am been enlightened :)

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