Make Move from iPad Screen Itself (like Camtasia)


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Jan 9, 2009
I need to record some screens in action on my ipad 2.

For Windows/Mac there's TechSmith's "Camtasia", which will make a move of what's happening on the screen. Exactly what I want. Unfortunately, Camtasia doesn't work on the ipad.

However, for the iPad 2, I can't find anything. I've tried "alternative to" and other searches, but can't find a utility that will work for the ipad itself.

Any ideas?




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Sep 16, 2011
If you are jailbroken, Display Recorder works like a charm. Records your screen as you use it without the need for a computer, but the video file can be transferred off if you need it.


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Sep 16, 2011
Nope, not jail broken.

Thanks anyway.

- m
Np, its always an option if you can't find anything else, but the large majority of screen capturing apps require jailbreaking, I actually don't think apple even allows it. (There was a screen recording app in the app store a few weeks back, but Apple removed it, I believe it breaks their ultra-strict ToS in one way or another)

Don Kosak

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Mar 12, 2010
Hilo, Hawaii

Three solutions -- none of them is perfect.

Solution 1: If it's your own App you want to record, you can run it in the iOS Simulator and record from your Mac's screen. You can give special highlights for touch/drag/pinch actions etc. A lot of developers use this technique to make demo videos.

Solution 2: This works for just about anything, but you need some hardware. Get one of the video connectors for iPad (VGA, HDMI, or Component) and use your own video recording equipment. If you have an "EyeTV" or similar recording device, you can even record directly from your Mac.

Solution 3: Airplay Mirroring is another option. Mirror to your Apple TV, and plug your Apple TV into a video recorder or PC to record the screen.

Like I said, none of these solutions is perfect. I hope one works for you.