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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Michael73, Mar 7, 2009.

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    I recently started my own business and have a MP (see my sig) at home where I do all my work. I have CS4, MS Office, MTR, Handbrake, Toast as well as Parallels with WinXP running. Under Windoze I have another copy of office (Enterprise 2007), Quickbooks Pro and several specialized apps I need for my business.

    For a variety of reasons, I'll soon be getting a 15" MBP. From a third-party I'll bump the RAM for 2GB to 4GB and get the new 500GB 7200RPM drive.

    So, the big question is how do I sync up the machines? I need to make sure I've got the same apps (OS X and Win) as well as keep all the documents sync'd up.

    Initially, can I use Carbon Copy Cloner to clone my MP boot drive with all my apps, documents and personal settings to the new 500GB drive? What's the best way to do this initially and going forward?
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    You can use ChronoSync for synching you files via LAN.

    And to copy the whole hdd from your MP to the MBP is unadvisable, as the MP has different drivers for the machine than the MBP needs.

    When you first start your new MBP(after unpacking it) it gives you the option to import your MP user (Migration) from the big Mac - with Applications and settings. Just connect those two Macs with a Firewire cable (800) and you will be set.
    I did it like this with my MBP migrating form an MB, and before that from iMac to MB.

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