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Apr 12, 2001

RogueAmoeba has posted a small application that allows you to copy unprotected AAC files into your iTunes 7.4.1 Ringtones folder. This allows iTunes to sync these ringtones with your iPhone.

The free application appears to simply automate the step-by-step free iTunes Ringtone workaround that has been previously posted.

The application works as advertised and seems to work better than Applegazette's iRing which was an Applescript accomplishing the same task.

This solution, of course, may very will break in the next version of iTunes and only supports unprotected AAC files.

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Sep 8, 2007

This is awesome!
Is there any free program that can edit AAC? Or is there a way to make Audacity edit AAC?


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Dec 29, 2006
Well, after having to rebuild the entire iTunes library when the process failed with the other program (iRing), this one works. Very well too. I just loaded all the ringtones into my iPhone and they synced without a problem.



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Mar 16, 2006
Very slick little app, the less clicks/etc for me the better. Thanks for posting it! :apple:


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Aug 8, 2005
Sounds good. Also, what if you pay 99c for a clip of the song for a ringtone, then want to change it? Another 99c?
DRM crap just encourages piracy... :mad:


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May 30, 2007
I purchased a ringtone of one of my songs this morning. The experience was ridiculous.

1. I added the ringtone column, then found a song in my Library that I wanted (obviously one I had purchased from iTunes.)

2. I right-clicked, then said "Create ringtone". It asked me to log in, then took me back to my music library.

3. I right-clicked, then said "Create ringtone". It brought up the editor, and I was able to "create" the ringtone. When I clicked the button to purchase, it said my credit card info had changed (it hasn't). I entered the same information again, and it took me back to my music library.

4. I right-clicked, then said "Create ringtone". I edited and purchased the ringtone, then iTunes told me that it couldn't copy that file to my ringtone.

5. 5 minutes later, I found the solution at Apple's user forums. Apparently you have to "authorize" your computer while the iPhone is plugged in to keep from getting that message.

Some thoughts on this: The file had an .m4r extension, and was in my Ringtones folder. I wonder if "authorizing" will let us copy our own iTMS protected songs manually to the phone?


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Jul 2, 2005
Savannah, Georgia
Quick note:

If you'd like to make your protected iTunes files into ringtones using MakeiPhoneRingtone or without paying that extra 99 cents, you can.

In iMovie HD (6), import a picture or something, then add the song you want from "Media."

Go to Share>Share, and on the "Compress for" dropdown, select Expert Settings.

The next dialogue should pop up and in the first dropdown, select Sound to wav.

Take that saved wav into GarageBand, edit it down to the 30 or so seconds you want, create your fade in and out, export it to disk, drag it into MakeiPhoneRingtone, and you're done! :)


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Apr 12, 2002
This is awesome!
Is there any free program that can edit AAC? Or is there a way to make Audacity edit AAC?

yes. QuickTime. No recompeession occurs. Just trims the file. May just be qt pro though. Not sure about protected aacs.


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Aug 17, 2007
Seattle, WA
I gave this a shot and it didn't seem to work. The AAC (.m4a) ringtones appeared in iTunes 7.4.2, but the MakeiPhoneRingtone app threw up a warning that "file transfer failed as iTunes did not load the .m4r file within 15 seconds" (or something to that effect).

When I tried to sync the ringtones, iTunes reported that it could not because the files were not compatible with iTunes.

Mind you, I have iToner and it works fine, so no worries.


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May 25, 2006
Seattle (M$ Country)
I also had issues with Make an iPhone Ringtone (MIR)

My iTunes library is on a different hard drive, so it couldn't import. I suppose they will work out the bugs in a day or so. Until then, I still have my original ringtones I put on with iFuntastic.

Works fine until I decide to update the firmware.

I think I would actually remove all 3rd party Apps if this ends up working. I haven't really seen anything worth installing on my iPhone except for the ringtones I really like.

Oh well...

Slingplayer... anybody?:D


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May 25, 2006
Seattle (M$ Country)
No more Triple Posts... I promise...

This may be helpful for some people (unless there is a fix with the MIR software)

I have my iTunes library on an external drive, and MIR was not functioning with it.

MIR takes your AAC/m4a file (that you drag into it), converts it into an m4r file with edited meta data, sends it to iTunes, where it is put into the Ringtone Column (left side of the iTunes UI) and the Ringtone Folder, then it renames the file to m4a so it functions in your iPhone.

If you have an external drive storing your music there is a problem between when it adds the meta data and sending it to iTUNES (probably a simple fix, but it wasn't fixed when I started typing this message). Here is how I did a work around if anybody is in the same boat.

I originally did it with two computers, but I think one would have been faster. Try this, if it doesn't work, some assumptions didn't work.

Step 1. Go into iTunes and set your library location to your music folder on your system drive (rather than your external).

Step 2. Drag your desired (already edited) AAC/m4a files (ringtones) into MIR. The script will now work, but you need to get them on your external drive.

Step 3. Open your Rintones folders on both HDs (system and external). Drag the ringtones from system drive to the external. If it copy's rather than just relocating the files, you will need to delete the ringtones from your system HD.

Step 4. Open iTunes (if you closed it for some reason) and change the iTunes library location back to your external drive.

Step 5. Click on the Ringtones to listen to them in iTunes. If they don't play automatically, you will be asked if you want to "FIND" them. Follow the prompts, and find each Ringtone in your iTunes/Ringtone folder on your external drive.

Step 6. Go to the Ringtones TAB and set up your Ringtones options so you are syncing the ringtones you want.

Step 7. Sync your iPHONE, and you will be able to use ringtones.

Somebody could have probably said this much more clearly than me. Since I am usually trying to explain things to my grandmother who is in her 80s, it is done over the phone, and never done in this few steps. :eek:
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