MakeMKV not working at all anymore. Need help!

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by nateo200, Oct 7, 2012.

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    So MakeMKV not working at all anymore. Need help! Just grabbed American Psycho and The Hunger Games on Blu-ray and when I go to rip them it keeps telling me the trial is up but I can still use all its functions....weird because I just installed the latest version after it had previously expired...anyways it gives me errors in the message box/log/text area saying Failed to open disc and shareware unavailable...somewhat frustrating. I know the version before this freaked out because MakeMKV's website was down for 3 days and it started counting how many days I had left backwards or something weird like that....anyways I have two screenshots I took to make this diagnoses easier...really just wanna get these ripped proper (I prefer using my MacBook at times). Right now I have The Hunger Games on my FW800 drive and American Psycho is still on the BD disc.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated guys. Looking to solve this one fast.

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    I have never used MakeMKV, but I have two comments for you:

    1. It just sounds like your trial time expired. No matter the version. Maybe if you want to keep using the software, you will have to pay for it? It shouldn't be THAT expensive... just saying... :)

    2. I heard that the newest version of HandBrake also supports BluRay ripping. I haven't tried it, but for DVDs, this software is brilliant and very popular. Maybe you can give it a shot?
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    You need to go to the "News and Announcments" section of the MakeMKV forums and get the most recent Beta key.
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    I'm correct in thinking you have 2 movies on Blu-Ray and you wish to distract them unto a different BLU-RAY disk?:confused:

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