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Discussion in 'iMac' started by Choctaw, Nov 13, 2013.

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    As the days go by I am finding out more and more about my Mac. Just purchased a G-drive ….. thus I am Looking at the info on Time Machine from various places…. it tells allot but is a bit confusing as to what is really backed up. And the name of the OS. Yeah I am confused, just keep hearing if my computer goes down, will need to retrieve things. I am just playing with it for now, and don't need all my pictures, text files etc. Just want what it takes to start up a new Mac after a crash.

    Question: How do I back up the OS only excluding my folders etc. Would having a copy of the OS be necessary to get up and running if a HD goes bad, or do I head for the Apple Store for help. This is a bit of a stupid thing to be tying to work out. When choosing to use Time Machine, what names do I choose for the right program or programs to be on my backup. Does the OS include all the extras like photo booth, garage band, photo booth, and all the extra stuff that shows in the launch pad.

    Bet I get ribbed for this post…….by the big boys who don't understand how a new user can be so DAH ! Oh well I am trying here, for I consider it to be the best info place on the web.
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    Yes, Time Machine by default backs up everything on the drive, including the OS and all your personal data like documents and photos. If you want, you can go to the Time Machine preference pane and click "options" and add any folders you do not want backed up. That said, you have a nice drive there to back things up, so why would you want to exclude anything and risk losing your photos.

    If you hard drive dies you can have a new drive installed then option key boot to the Time Machine disk and reinstall the OS and all data very easily.

    Also, if you machine is newer than 2011, you can use Internet Recovery to reinstall the OS.

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