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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by bellotto, Jul 15, 2014.

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    I have a Performa 6400 with OS 9. I recently won Wizardry 2 on Ebay, and also have a Mac Plus. I need a startup disk for the Mac Plus. I tried downloading some old system software, and have made various copies using the Performa, by simply copying the files to the floppy. I'm using 2DD 800k Mac Formatted Disks. If I use Make a Copy in Disk Copy, it ejects the floppy and says insert a double-sided floppy.
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    Not sure

    Ok the only thing about wizardy 2 I find says its for an Apple II. Apple II software wont run on a mac. Im guessing you could run it on a IIgs but that will take some doing like a program and hook ups for ADTpro.
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    Wizardry 1 and 2 are on Mac. It is definitely the Macintosh version, the box says for Mac Plus and the manual has installation instructions specifically for Macintosh.
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    When it pops the diskette out and asks for another, get a blank 800k diskette and insert it. It should ask if you would like to wipe the disk and write the new data to it. If there is nothing on the diskette let it continue and it should write the data to the diskette unless there is too much data and it requires a 1.44MB High Density diskette, which the Mac Plus ROM cannot use. Remember the Plus can use 800k double-sided diskettes and 400k single sided diskettes.

    If you need anymore help, please quote me so I can quickly find your post and respond.

    Hope this helps!
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