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Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by ri0ku, Jan 20, 2012.

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    Mar 11, 2009
    Hello, just wanted to ask if anyone could help me out. I have never had to ask for a manager for anything ever or even get worked up or annoyed with a company apart from recently and its with Apple.

    I am not even sure where I would go to make a complaint at all. This is how everything has turned out for me the past couple of weeks concerning Apple.

    First my macbook pro dies, I go into the apple store and they easily enough and fairly quickly assess it and get it ready for repair. They took notes and wrote to make sure lion would be re installed back onto the machine after its repair.

    Around a week later I get a call to come pick the macbook pro up. I go into the store and everything seems fine they show me it working except they put leopard on it and not lion. (Not even snow leopard) I asked them why this was and they checked there notes and said they made a mistake and would do it there and then. This kept me waiting 45 mins in the store which sucked but not everyone is perfect and we all make mistakes... so I was just happy I would get my machine back.

    When I get home I was using the macbook as normal until around night time I noticed the backlight in the keyboard wasn't working...wasnt able to check this in store as it was so bright it just gave me the symbol on the screen saying they lights could not be turned on. I then checked my apple warranty status to find I had no serial....

    (if you are with me so far then thanks and sorry for its taking so long...)

    I then had bought a iMac which had a screen fault (owned it for 5 days until this point) the screen or at least half of it was showing colours darker and also flickering. I took this in and the apple store said they could not replace it there and then because it was ordered online and because I chose magic trackpad they said it was considered a custom build and had to re order me one... (fair enough) so they told me to take the current iMac home and within a week I would get a call to bring it back in and do a swap. (Its been 2 weeks and I have never had a single call)

    My macbook also had to go back in to be serialised and have the back light connected up again which meant i had to travel the next day again to go pick it back up (so many journeys..)

    I also had to ring apple care because the iMac doesn't have the 3 year warranty applied to it (bought through HE store) I was on the phone over an hour only to be told the people related to that were not open and I would get a call back (again not been called back about this either)

    So now.. its been over 2 weeks I have rang the apple store 3 times now, 1st time to see what was going on, 2nd time to again see what was going on and was informed a genius would ring me up to let me know last thursday (yesterday) and so no phone call from them yet again... so I rang yesterday and asked for the manager, I complained to him about everything above, he apologised and thanked me for my patience and said he would promise to ring me tomorrow (today friday) to let me know what is going on. Again I have not been rang at all..

    What do I do now? if you have read all of that thanks for taking the time. Really struggling with what to do now. I never complain about anything to anyone or even know how to go about it now. I have spoken with a manager and thats not solved anything.
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    May 29, 2011
    I guess keep on them. Also make sure they have your number correct, heh. Maybe they're going off your Apple ID info and it's dated, dunno. Just trying to give the tiniest benefit of the doubt. Maybe they're just really crummy. Try speaking with a different manager too.
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    Mar 11, 2009
    I have emailed them my house and mobile numbers and I have been asked them 3 times on the phone too and they are the same registered to my ID. They definitely have the right numbers because they managed to ring me up to ask me to collect the macbook pro.

    Thanks for your reply. I guess I will have to ring up again tomorrow and ask to speak with another Manager. I just don't know what you should do if even speaking with a manager isn't getting you anywhere.

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