Making a custom Mac OSX Installer disk with latest updates.

Discussion in 'macOS' started by ouimetnick, Feb 7, 2011.

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    Hi guys. I currently own a Mac OSX 10.6 Installer DVD. The latest version Apple sells is the Installer disc with Mac OSX 10.6.3. Why they didn't make a new DVD for 10.6.4, 10.6.5 or 10.6.6 is beyond me. But because my internet is rather slow, I was thinking if it was possible to download the 10.6.6 Combo Update, all the security updates and stuff like that, and add the 10.6 installer disk to it, and make a new DVD with the OSX Installer with all the updates? (Like what Apple should have done) So I use the special DVD, it installs OSX 10.6.6 with all the updates on a blank Hard Drive.

    Is this even possible, or am I dreaming?

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    You're dreaming of a Windows world where you can do all that. I don't think I've heard of anything like that for OS X.
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    why bother with a dvd when you can loaded it onto a separate partition, or flash drive, both of which will do exactly what you want? :) - well their not going to be installed off the bat, but the updates will be laying in optional/other installs.
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    What are you really trying to do? Creating a "slipstreamed" installer DVD is the method you think you want to do, not the desired result. While it is technically possible to make something approaching a "slipstreamed" installer, more often there are better ways of doing things.

    This should be a general lesson people should learn before asking technical questions: if you are going to experts because they know more than you, give them the whole problem, because they know the problem space better than you (otherwise why are you going to them?).
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    It is completely possible. I did it back on Leopard, but it requires hacking several files and it is a pain in the butt. NOT worth the trouble. Get the updates, and either put them on a drive to keep, or on optical media. Whatever is simpler for you.

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