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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by iaddict, Jun 13, 2009.

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    Okay, we had what will probably be a once in a lifetime opportunity for pictures. All of our family had gathered for my parents 80th anniversary. Thought I had all the picture stuff taken care of but when I downloaded the pictures from my camera, I found out that I had not changed the resolution to a higher setting, so all of the family photos with everyone in it are at 640 X 480. So, this is what I am wondering. Is it possible to develop one of those then take a picture of it at a larger resolution and be able to enlarge it more than I could the way it is now? No one else seems to have any usable pictures so I'm trying to figure out a way to use the ones I have.

    Thanks for your help.
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    At the museum when I need to enlarge an image i use Genuine Fractals. I discovered he software a few years ago via the American Memories site run by he Library of Congress. Anyway I can take an image from a post card size and have them blown up and printed out on our plotter which is 42 inches on a side. Anyway OnOne Software has some great resources. I have no connecctin with this company other than as a user for about 8 years. check it out at
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    I'm sorry to be a pessimist here , but at 640x480, your resolution is so low, that even the programs mentioned are not going to be able to do anything meaningful for you. In particular, since this was a family gathering, you're going to be looking for detail in people's faces, which simply isn't possible, even with fractal programs. What fractal programs do is make it *appear* like there is more detail, but obviously, nothing can add in detail in reality.

    One thing you can do is make a slide show suitable for DVD with those pictures, but that's really the only medium where such a low resolution will work.

    I'm sad for you. I can imagine the disastrous feeling you had when you realized what had happened.
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    Thank you, all

    I was pretty sure that the resolution here was the killer. Unfortunately for us the ones we had taking pictures were friends of the family, and while they are great friends, I am sure the image outcome wasn't their top priority. The ones that actually had enough resolution to use had tops of people's heads cut off, etc... I really appreciate all your responses. I guess it's just one of those sad details of life that we all have and end up having to live with.

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