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    Hello everyone,

    I will be setting up a point-of-sale system for an electronic component supplier, and I need a way of making random barcodes.

    This company has close to 10 000 item which are stored in small zip-lock bags. What I want to do is print out say 10 000 random barcodes on address labels. Then any bulk product that is stored in a zip lock bag will have a barcode affixed to it. When we go to do our stock tables, we just scan the barcode for that item and then assign descriptions, pricing, tax information etc.

    My only roadblock is making these barcodes...

    Can anyone help?

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    A google search on "barcode osx" produces multiple results, although some are iffy sites. One decent one is:

    I don't think it's all that complicated. I volunteer at a local non-profit museum/store and they do barcodes easily enough on OSx (all their systems are OSx) They use it since their cash register app (connected to scanner and cash drawer) reads barcodes for items. Some of the items either don't have barcodes (memberships) or barcodes are hard to read, so they have a separate sheet that you scan.
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    yeah, thats exactly what I am looking to do.

    If the bulk bag is at the till, we scan it... saves a few seconds flipping through the book. Otherwise, we just open the book full of barcodes and scan that part number into the program.

    The POS part works great, its just making 10 000 labels randomly...
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