Making calls from OS X how do you press # in call?


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Aug 7, 2010

I am using my Mac to make calls through my iPhone well. I can press numbers during the call when challenged with pressing 1 or 2 for example to select a department. However, how do I press #? Most of my work conference call systems have a pin number to join the call followed by #. Press Alt-3 or Shift-3 doesn't work.

Any ideas?



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Dec 1, 2010
I see you're from England. Do you have a UK keyboard? Isn't Shift-3 the £ symbol, instead of the #?


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Feb 7, 2012
just make sure the box is clicked active, before you start hitting keys because you'll be in a call, and you won't know where you are at LOL. i often start doing other tasks in calls, and have to click back into the call box, to make #, extension or other button pushing.

They still don't have the letters with the keypad numbers for the phone anywhere's LOL, I guess that's a lost art.

it doesn't seem as if you can put the call box on top of all others, like one might expect. there's not a whole lot of tweaking you can do at all with the settings or with troubleshooting calls.

i find that my internet must be being used, as it tends to act like Skype and hog bandwidth. I thought the entire point of using the phone to make calls was to avoid crashing the bandwidth usage, but it sure doesn't act that way. I make a call or three, and wham, my internet provider sends me messages that I have exceeded my limitations.

i live in a remote area, and I thought having the call feature with continuity would save me, but if your bandwidth is restricted for this, you will find, that you won't be able to make or receive calls. So there are things you need to check off the list, for a good working call in general.