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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by knew2mack, Mar 17, 2012.

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    Hi there & Happy St Patrick's Day!!

    Hope everyone is having a great day and some yummy green beer!!

    I have run into a problem - I thought I learned how to do this but clearly, I was wrong.

    I'm trying to make a post to facebook regarding a huge yard sale coming up for our community and I have a candle making business. In the post, I'm reminding folks the where & when - I'm trying to make my post look like 'hey everyone, don't forget about the yard sale next weekend. We at Pure Bliss Candles (wanting the name, pure bliss candles, to be blue and clickable) will have a table selling the most beautiful and yummy scented candles. Blah blah and on n on....

    so I looked it up, i wrote <a href="">* Pure Bliss Candles</a>
    which was not only incorrect, but the entire thing, from <a href to the very last > was blue, clickable but took you to a page that said, 'Page Not Found'

    Could someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me to figure this out?? in addition to the help can you suggest a class maybe offered thru iTunesU or something free to help me understand this type of stuff??

    I know this is unrelated, maybe I should make another post but since I'm here, thought I'd ask - I'm noticing that Safari is acting strange. When I hover over a tab, usually an 'x' comes up on the left of the tab. NOT HAPPENING!!! I also notice that there is an update for Safari that I need to install....PROBLEM I'm having is, when I click on Safari on the top of the screen, in the drop down, 'quit Safari' is not an option (all grey)...another way I can close Safari is to go to the dock, click & hold and a little box comes up just above the dock that has options 'quit' 'hide' and 'options' - I click on 'quit' yet nothing happens!!! ARGHHH

    Maybe it's the lack of green beer in my system making everything more challenging - I just don't know. What I do know, however, is that whenever i turn to you all here in MacRumors, you have all helped me tremendously.


    Thanks so very much!!!:confused::confused:

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