Making Live Photos from videos - Question


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Jun 27, 2013
Hey all! Hope this fall day is treating everyone well.

I have a thought and have been doing some googling, but am coming up with nothing. I have been curious if there's a way to make a "live photo" out of say...a video clip?

I'm an animation nerd, and Pixar released a beautiful "moving poster" loop of the good dinosaur, and it just occurred to me...that would make a really cool live photo/wallpaper for my lock screen. I tried holding my iPhone up to the screen and the live photo looked horrible (as expected)

But I just wondered if anyone has figured out if this is even remotely possible. OR if there is a good place to find existing live photos of say...Nature or ocean waves or something of that kind. Basically, additional live photo wallpapers for the phone! lol

Probably an odd question but I've been curious. I loved the beta fish but I'm keen to try some new ones (that aren't mine, of course. lol)


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Feb 17, 2013
Interesting idea.
Pure speculation: IF you were able to extract the "container" of an existing live photo, with both, the jpeg and the .mov file, maybe it is possible to swap them both out for new files with the same size and length...


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Jul 24, 2008
Pacific Northwest, US
Nice day here in the Pacific Northwest but too warm (it just hit 80). :)

Interesting idea. My quick response is to take a three second .mov file and give it the same name as a .jpg file, upload them manually to iCloud, then bring them down onto a compatible device and see if that's enough to make them a live photo. Obviously I have no idea what the goo is that makes two separate files be a live photo.
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