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    Nov 12, 2005
    I have 250 gigs HDD which I have partitioned into 2. One Extended(Journaled) and other as MS-DOS FAT32. My photos library is on FAT32 which I want to make READ-ONLY. This is because I want to manage photos with iPhoto but in no circumstances, let it screw my Library. Problem I am facing is, I am not able to make the permissions "READ-ONLY". I am the administrator and I could change permissions form my Mac partition. Why is that I am not able to change permissions on FAT32?

    I tried going to System Preferences and Sharing. I have included the mentioned drive in shared folders and users against them are READ-ONLY, only to find them READ-WRITE when I open this window again.

    What can be the issue.?
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    OS X does not appear to support editing permissions on FAT32 partitions. I can't change them on my Boot Camp partition. It might be possible via Unix commands from Terminal.

    Would it not have been easier to just leave the whole disc HFS+ and then set the permissions to read-only on your photo folder?

    If this was a separate drive, I'd recommend connecting it to a Windows machine and try setting the permissions there. VMWare Fusion offers a 30-day trial, so you could create a Windows VM and try and set the disk permissions on the FAT32 partition from the VM.
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    Command line

    From Terminal run "diskutil list"

    Spot your FAT32 drive, make note of the identifier column. In this example, I am using disk0s2

    "diskutil unmount disk0s2"
    "diskutil mount readOnly disk0s2"

    That should do what you want, repeat every time your reboot or reconnect the drive.
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    Error in mounting in readonly mode

    Well thanks for the suggestions. First of all, I have to have a FAT32 partition because I need to access that partition from windows machines.

    I tried the diskutil mount readonly <identifier>. I am getting this error
    "DiskManagement setuid-tool failure"
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    As far as I know, you can't set read only permissions on a FAT-32 drive from either OS X or Windows without third party software. If it was formatted to NTFS, then yes.


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