Making my case why AppleTV will be a game system.

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by blueflame, Sep 13, 2009.

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    Ok, so. I have an apple tv, and I love it. I feel as though it has a lot more potential. With the App store, it can be almost anything.

    in 2008 game sales were 21 billion,

    console sales in 2008 were:
    The 2008 total U.S. hardware sales are as follows:

    Wii - 10,224,400
    Nintendo DS - 9,951,500
    Xbox 360 - 4,735,200
    PSP - 3,829,300
    PlayStation 3 - 3,685,000
    PlayStation 2 - 2,106,100*

    Apple hires all kinds of game related people:

    Apple buys its own chip company, people think its for iphone or ipod:

    Apple has never cared about the broad market, unless there is a large revenue stream for them, like the iphone, they want as many people to have the ipod touch and iphone as possible because of the app store, they want you to have it because of itunes. look what they even wanted out of the cell industry, just a few percentage points. you KNOW apple could get that with a connected games system to the app store with the ipods as controllers, of COURSE they could.

    If apple turns the ATV into a game system, all the iphones and ipod touches of the world would make an awesome bluetooth controller. Access to a full download library of games, where you could download them at will:

    Apple creating large server farm:

    It is cheaper, and probably safer for the games as they are DRMed but always connected. Ipod touch or iphone make a killer controller, can display info as well. apple gets game revenue, and can probably sell the hardware at a profit, like nintendo. heck, they could probably use the same apple tv hardware.

    anyway, this is just a rant, I am sure more will come soon, and I will add. I love a good conspiracy.
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    those numbers are impressive, I hope you are right about getting more out of the :apple:TV.

    However many of the current top games use specific controllers that :apple: need to support, and based on previous experience with :apple: products they were not. But with those volumes is a different situation.

    I hope you are right!, but those numbers are related to portable hardware, unless they add Blu-Ray support the :apple:TV will offer more bang for the buck against the competitors Xbox, PS3, Wii, etc...

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